Confessions of a College Graduate: The Guide That Every College Girl Needs

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Dorm Room Essentials!!!

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A List of the Real Dorm Essentials:

Since the wide array of dorm room décor and duds can leave you feeling overwhelmed with needs and short on cash, space, and time, we’ve compiled a list of those items we absolutely couldn’t live without – the things you really should invest in. Some can be found on move-out day, while others you’ll want to buy. But all of these items are things we deem pretty essential for dorm living.

   1. Bathroom Supplies: SHOWER SHOES, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and a durable  waterproof container you can tote all your supplies to the shower in, and at least two bath towels (I recommend getting them in distinct patterns, so you won’tyou’re your towels mixed up with your roommate’s)

    2. Medicine and First Aid Essentials: Advil or your painkiller of choice, band-aids, Neosporin, Vitamins

      3.  A Caboodle or similar sturdy container with a lock for anything you don’t want people going through (aka jewelry, money, fake id, medicine…)

   4. Quick Cooking Supplies: A microwave, a mini-fridge (Talk to your roommate ahead of time, since you really only need one microwave and fridge in a room), a set of plastic plates, bowls, cups, and utensils.

      5. Bedding: At least two sets of sheets, a pillow or two, and a warm comforter

 6. A Laptop or Desktop Computer(if you can afford it, you’ll be VERY thankful to avoid latenight treks to and from your school’s computer lab).

 7. A picture of home, family, friends, a favorite pet, or something that is familiar


 Some Non-Essentials That Can Make Your Room a Much Happier Place:


      1. Fun Posters

     2. Lots of Pictures from Home, and anything that brings you comfort when those little attacks of homesickness strike (like my stuffed pink bunny). 

     3. Plastic Stacking Containers (come in handy!)

     4.  A T.V.

5. Cleaning supplies to get rid of scary dust and germs- the swiffer is AmaZing!!




o      A Tip on Bunk Beds: If you’re sharing a bunk bed, it can seem hard to decide which bunk to go with. I chose the bottom bunk, but I honestly think it’s a personal choice. I think mine was based on my extreme clumsiness, my dislike of heights, and – I can admit – my laziness. The top bunk has its perks too, though. It’s a little more secluded and hidden. But after a night out, it can be a little tricky getting in and staying in.



Please add to the list if you have any tips or advice on dorm room essentials :-))

Dating Tip of the Day

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 There may be seemingly infinite fish in the sea, but there only so many in a pond. Limited is the word that best describes the dating options at a small school, but that isn’t to say you can’t find your prince charming. You should, however, do your research before jumping into the dating – or hooking up – pool at a small school. Be warned that news travels fast at a small school. So no matter how certain you are that your frog won’t kiss and tell, it is virtually guaranteed that anyone who wants to will learn of your dalliances in real-time. So it’s best to approach relationships with a good dose of caution if you’re not sure about your potential suitors.



That said, at a small school, it’s pretty hard to keep secrets, so what you see – on campus, at parties, and via Twitter feeds – is what you get. Another plus that most people don’t consider is that it’s easier to date a big fish in a small pond – for example, if you have a thing for football players, while big-school D. 1 football players may be out of your league, you can likely find a division three hottie just dying to date you.

Advice of the Day:

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Taken from Ch 1– Decisions, Decisions: Finding the School That’s Right for You

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors. — Jim Morrison

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Back-Cover to book

Back-Cover to book


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I’m going to college. I don’t care if it ruins my career. I’d rather be smart than a movie star.


–Natalie Portman


So you’re off to college and you think you’re armed with all the essentials – everyone has given you their two cents about what you’ll need, what you’ll learn, and just how lucky you are. But if that little voice still lingers in your head wondering what the hell all those people giving you advice know – how do Crazy Uncle Joe’s tales of dorm room doobie smoking apply to me (and who even says doobie anymore?)? And what is it with my cousin’s obsession with shower shoes? – then this book is definitely for you.

Table of Contents: A Sneak Peak…

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1. Introduction

2. Finding the School That’s Right for You

3. Dating in the Dorms

4. Surviving Your Roommate

  — Roommates from Hell… like…

           Red lipsThe Aspiring Porn StarRed lips

              PizzaThe Anorexic/ManorexicPizza

                     Tongue outThe Party AnimalSick


 5. Going Greek

6. A Quick Guide for Throwing the Perfect On-Campus Party

7. Campus-Life Quandaries and How To Avoid Them





Copyright 2008 by the authors of this book, Ashley West and Evelyn Wiese. The book authors retain sole copyright to their contributions to this book.